About The Guide Geek

My name is Andrew Scott Radford and just like you I am a number of things rolled into one… Author (The Radford Luck), Blogger, Son, father of two lovely children.

Am passionate about a number things such as writing, self improvement, achieving financial freedom, long distance running, and of course my Gin blog that is rather aptly named The Gin Geek

So what is The Guide Geek all about then?

Glad you asked my dear imaginary reader!

Seems to me that us human beings are an odd bunch and actually happiest when we are growing, improving, stretching ourselves and moving forward. Although the alternative of taking it easy and watching box-set after box-set eating chocolate chip cookies covered with peanut butter & strawberry jam (don’t judge me, we all have our weaknesses) seems appealing, it’s not fulfilling long term.

Think back to anything worthwhile you have achieved in your life, I will wager an imaginary $100 (heck let’s make it an imaginary $10,000!) that you had to put some effort in (like a lot of effort) and when you finally reached that seemingly impossible and distant goal it felt awesome.

Sure, reaching the final episode of Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones did feel pretty good at the time, but not as amazing as I felt when I passed one of the toughest technology exams in the world, the horrendous Cisco CCIE certification. It was 18 months of hard core slog and study, sleepness nights, missing my kids, family, catching up with friends, family functions, and fun parties.

Check out this great interview with Anthony Sequeira by Network World about his experience with the CCIE exam.

What point I am making?

When you finally achieve something that requires REAL effort you feel unbelievably empowered. That’s what life is all about, continually improving ourselves to enjoy better future relationships, health, family, love, work/life balance, finances.

And that’s where The Guide Geek comes galloping to your rescue with not just the run of the mill informative posts, but life changing posts on the areas in your life that truly matter.

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