Online Income for Seniors

Online income for seniors

The Senior community are currently more Internet savvy than at any time in previous history, with many over 60s regularly using the Internet. This number will only increase year-on-year as more of our planets population reach retirement age and are not yet done! Is making and online income for Seniors possible? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Whilst a large amount of the younger generation who already work full time are striving towards a greater work/life balance by also trying to make money online part-time, retired individuals have four distinct advantages:

• Time
• Patience
• Focus
• Life Experience

These four advantages will set you apart from younger generations, many whom need to juggle a full time job, family, children, and most importantly their attention. Plus let’s face it, although most of the younger ‘competition’ most likely have more technical prowess, they will be lacking in another virtue… dogged determination.


Can a Senior Make an Income Online?

Can a Senior Make an Income Online


A great question, and it’s totally down to the individual person. What I will say is if you are able to perform the following basic tasks online then I think you will be more than fine.

• Can you send and receive emails.
• Use the Internet to visit websites and blogs.
• You shop online at sites like Amazon.
• Are happy to learn new stuff as long as it’s presented in an easy to learn format.

What I will be suggesting later is totally FREE to try so you have nothing to lose anyway. Making money from the Internet is not only possible, but a rewarding post retirement career that you can do from anywhere.


Side Hustle vs Main Hustle

I have spoken in other posts about the side hustle but let’s cover it again here. A side hustle is something you can do on the side to generate extra income. You can use a variety of working from home jobs to accomplish this, you can have a number of different side hustles all going at the same time.

Examples of easy side hustles can be:

• Selling items on eBay
• Working part-time locally
• Making money from the Internet (What we are discussing today)

Now a retired individual has another advantage, and that is they should be able to turn what most folk will do as a side hustle into their MAIN HUSTLE, giving it their full time and attention. This will allow you to blow any competition out of the water.


Your Main Hustle

OK, so forget the side hustle, if you want to actually make money from the internet, please understand that you need to invest your full attention so need to make it your main hustle. I would recommend if you have a minimum 3-4 hours a day to spend then that is perfect. For the first week or two I recommend 4-5 hours a day to get things rolling. If you have 5-8 hours a day then you will be head and shoulders ahead of most side hustlers.

There is a fair amount of competition when it comes to making money online, but luckily 90% of your competition will give up after a few months as they will be expecting instant success. I have seen this so often, a website will pop up in a niche I operate in (more on niche’s later), then after a month or two their website is either no longer being updated, or gone entirely.


How to Earn an Income Online.

how you will make money online


So, how best to actually make money online?

I recommend your main hustle will be writing articles on your own Blog website and making money using something called Affiliate Marketing. This has been the real game changer for me and now provides over 80% of my side hustle income (yes I am a lowly side hustler). Don’t worry if you don’t know anything about Blogging or Affiliate Marketing, continue reading as it is super simple and a tried and tested way to make money online, all from the comfort of your own home.


What is a Blog?

what is a blog


You are reading a Blog right now. It’s simply a website owned by someone (me) who can write about ‘stuff’. For now just accept that a complete and utter beginner can have their own Blog website up and running in about 30 seconds, it is quite simply that easy.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

what is affiliate marketing


Affiliate Marketing is a very simple concept indeed. Let’s go through an example:

You start a Blog website called MyCoolStuff.com, and you then write a detailed review using your Blog website about a particular product for sale on Amazon (a Digital Camera for example). If a reader of your Blog MyCoolStuff.com reads your review, then clicks on the link you put in your review and purchases the item from Amazon, you would make a commission of between 4%-8%.

Also, Amazon does not even care if your reader buys the actual item you reviewed or something else! You will get a commission from an item you did not even promote if the reader used your link for a Camera but decided to buy a Widescreen Television instead. Or even better, they buy both.

Amazon is one of the largest and most trusted Affiliate’s out there, and have over 550 million (yes, 550 MILLION!) different products that you can decide to review on your Blog and earn a commission from, impressed?


Your Next Step to Success

next steps


Even if you are a complete beginner, starting your own Blog and using Affiliate Marketing to generate a steady income is one of the most simplest and effective ways to generate a steady income from the Internet. There is a load of beginner training included.

So what should you do next?

Please take a moment to read my post listed below, that goes into more detail and explains precisely how to get started. Trust me, its SUPER SIMPLE AND WORKS.



How to Earn Money by Blogging | The Guide Geek



As you will read in my post How to Earn Money by Blogging you can honestly have your own Blog up and running in about 30 seconds, and from there you will begin your journey by following the training videos that are included, adding great content to your blog with a sprinkling of links to products for sale (using Affiliate Marketing) where you will make a commission for each sale.

I hope this post has been informative for you, and will help you enjoy a great money making activity during retirement. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.


Andrew | The Guide Geek



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